Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Studio Mannequins

Every so often when I'm online I see wonderful old art studio mannequins. Here are three from an internet website for antiques and collectibles, www.susanwalter.com:

I don't own these, but I have two serviceable ones - Nelson and Caspar. Nelson's primary charm is that I made him myself.

Nelson is splint into two entities, Full Nelson and Half Nelson. I just have Half  Nelson set up at the moment, but you'll get the drift here:

Half Nelson is a pair of long underwear bottoms stuffed with old T-shirts. He's further supported by dowels to help him sit up straighter. He's what I use when I want to paint clothing like skirts or pants from life and the model or client has left for the day. Full Nelson is more of the same, wherein I stuff the top part of the long underwear with rags and dowels, bending the elbows as need be.

The benefit of these mannequins is that they are cheap to make and if you have a sudden reversal of fortune, you'll have a bonanza of old t-shirts to pull out and wear. There are lots of internet sites that show you how to cut up and rip t-shirts so they look more fashionable, too, though I'm not sure I personally could pull this off with panache.

Here's Caspar, my other (somewhat) posable mannequin. When I bought her she was one of the few affordable ones I could find, but a quick Google search has revealed a lot more of them out there now, with heads and more realism. Still, she does the job and hangs from a metal loop to give her some extra height. A pity that she can't sit. Caspar is dressed for my latest large painting which is nearly done.

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