Monday, October 14, 2013

Paul Foxton on "Learning to See" and "Creative Triggers"

For a few years now, my artist friend Paul Foxton has had a site (and now he has two sites) devoted to helping artists learn to teach themselves traditional representational art techniques. His first site, "Learning to See", (see link below)  is about his own journey; his second site, Creative Triggers is his own web course on drawing, designed to teach and support other artists around the world.

Paul is an excellent, patient, calm and articulate teacher and delivers a ton of useful information, encouragement and guidance. Creative Triggers is a membership website encouraging people to become skilled in traditional drawing techniques by practicing in a lively internet community of artists.

Yesterday, Paul posted a moving commentary on the state of art education, particularly in Great Britian. He shares his journey with us about how he has had to teach himself basic methods, the road to getting where he is now and why he has created Creative Triggers. I have enormous respect for him and what he's doing on the internet.

You can catch up on what he has to say (and wish him a happy belated birthday, too) through this link on "Learning to See".

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