Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art Books: Rose Frantzen's Portrait of Maquoketa

I paint for hours nearly every day and like a lot of artists who paint a lot, by the time I get onto the internet my brain is a little.... well, it's often hard to come up with something that I think might be interesting to you, the reader. If I'm in the middle of a project (which I always seem to be) I don't like to post much about it.

Then I realized - if I could share my art library with you - THAT is something I like to write about and you might find pretty interesting as well.

I'll start with a hot-off-the-press book by one of my favorite living artists, Rose Frantzen. Her new book is published in conjunction with her show at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, Portrait of Maquoketa. More information about the show is located on her website, and her book is available there also (it sells for $49.95, plus shipping).

I don't even own this book yet and I'm recommending it to you, how do you like THAT. I've studied with Rose and she is an amazingly talented artist and teacher.