Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Read to Me" - 'A Sense of Dialogue'

I travelled a lot during the last year and was out of town when this article "A Sense of Dialogue" appeared in last June's American Art Collector Magazine. I completely forgot to put this on my blog and so here it is.

"Read to Me" is one of my favorite paintings I've made and I like to write about it. It has so many of the themes that I like to put into my work - a person with headgear; striped fabric; a book and of course my dog. I also love to work in round formats like this one. All of these seem to be part of my artist universe since I return to certain themes over and over again.

Many thanks to Christine Egnoski and the magazine for this article.

Here's another photo of the painting, available at TH Brennen Fine Art in Scottsdale.