Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Painting at the "Women Painting Women" Show at the Robert Lange Gallery, starting Nov. 5th, 2010

My painting "Is it Dusk or Dawn?" (oil, 24" x 36") will be shown at the 'Women Painting Women' group show at the Robery Lange Gallery (see the gallery's blog at ) in Charleston, S.C.
The show features over 50 invited women artists from all around the world and opens Nov. 5th, 5:30 to 8:30.

The show began as a result of Sadie Valeri's idea for a blog about women painting other women. Sadie writes about the genesis for the show on her own blog here:

A subgroup of women artists will be renting a house on nearby Sullivan's Island for the week of Nov. 5th - Nov. 12th, painting models and plein air landscapes. Sadie includes a list of them on her blog. I'll be there with the group and, I hope, blogging about it. I'm really looking forward to both events, the show and the painting group - there is so much talent and of course it should be a lot of fun as well.