Friday, January 2, 2015

Ring in the New Year (and some New Art)

I hope you had a wonderful 2014 and you're now filled with high hopes and optimism for 2015. My own year was a good one, with the usual room for improvement, including posting on my blog.  I've been working hard, though, going in a couple of new directions and following some passions.

Meanwhile,  I've got still life paintings in two gallery shows.

The first painting is of some apples grown on a ranch near Prescott, Arizona - yes, there are apples growing in Arizona.

The ongoing gallery show is titled "A Treasure Trove of Real Art" at Haynes Gallery and runs for another couple of weeks into the New Year.

"Six Apples on a Scratched Surface", oil 12" x 24"

Available at Haynes Gallery in Nashville, TN

"Gardenias on a Blue Table", oil 9" x 6"

This is another of my gardenia series. It's in a Holiday Miniatures Show, available at Abend Gallery in Denver, CO.