Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paintings for "The Expedition" show

All three of these paintings are about to be packed up and shipped out soon to "The Expedition and Beyond" show at  Principle Gallery which opens April 13th. On top, left to right, Mia in a White Turban, China Frog and Red Peonies and bottom, Gardenias in an Indigo Vase. (See my previous couple of posts about the show.)

That chair holding up the painting shows up in a lot of my portraits. Don't worry, the painting on the chair is just there for this photo and I took it down so it's safe now. The structure on the right is a coat tree with dowels; I use it for holding my palettes so I don't leave them lying around.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catalog now available for our April show at Principle Gallery

The catalog for our April group show, "The Expedition and Beyond" at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA is now available for $19.00 - you can order it here . The catalog is 58 pages and has on its cover Diane Feissel's beautiful painting of the beautiful artist Rachel Constantine.

issue preview
Click here to order: