Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Phoenix in the Distance"

"Phoenix in the Distance", 8" x 14"

Painted on site at Echo Canyon, before they closed it off. What is going on there these days, anyway? The trail has gotten too busy, I guess. It's a shame.

One of the extraordinary things about Phoenix is the collection of city mountain trail parks. When I first moved here I hiked the Echo Canyon trail several times a week (yes, to the top, or usually to the top, you scoffers) and developed a massive superhero physique. (Something like that doesn't stand out in Phoenix, though, since there seem to be thousands of people with superhero physiques here, I think they are all drifting over from California or something.) I've had to cut this mountain training stuff out, though and I don't have these superpowers anymore, but I can still make it up to some of these rocky outcroppings with my painting gear.

This painting will be at the Scottsdale Artists' School annual fundraising Beaux Arts Bash, held this year on Nov. 9th, 2013. The bash is a wonderful way to help out the school and purchase work from contributing artists. Many of the artists who teach in Scottsdale donate art to the school for the fundraiser and so you'll have the chance to buy work from many of your favorite workshop and weekly teachers. Information about the sale is at the school website.

The party is fun and the sale is exciting. There's also the kind of friendly glee that can only come from a city populated by Midwesterners from places like Chicago, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Michigan, people who are still dazed with happiness and gratitude over the splendid Valley fall weather and by no longer rolling their cars in midnight icestorms on the I-94.

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