Monday, October 15, 2018

Abend Gallery Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, Nov. 3 - Dec. 1, 2018

"Pomegranate at 10:00"
Oil, 8" x 10"

Every year, Abend Gallery in Denver, CO has an eagerly anticipated miniatures show and sale. I'm really happy to have this little piece included in this 2018 show.

My favorite way to paint outside is to return to the same spot over and over, at the same time of the day. It's fascinating to watch the changes that take place within a small space in a time frame before the light changes, especially when I'm painting living things. One year I had a morning painting in one location, a noontime still life painting in my studio, and a late afternoon painting going on, too. 

There's also the experience of being The Quiet Watcher. Artists often tell me how they are visited by deer and birds when they paint this way. In the case of this painting, I was greeted by at least three species of lizards as well as a few hummingbirds.

The Abend show starts on November 3 with a 6:00 opening party, please come if you can make it!

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