Thursday, December 3, 2015

Two Pieces for Abend Gallery Miniatures Show, opening Dec. 4th 2015

Quince Study, oil on metal leaf, 5" x 5"

Puppy Left out in the Rain, oil on panel, 7"x 5" [sold]

I have two small pieces in the upcoming Annual Miniatures Show at Abend Gallery in Denver, CO. The Quince piece is part of a wall of small square silver-ish paintings by gallery artists celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the show. It can be hard for galleries to stay in business in today's art climate and big congratulations to Abend for not only thriving but for being a huge supporter of artists and their artwork. The show opens on Dec. 4th from 6:00 - 9:00, try to be there if you can make it.

Meanwhile, I've been keeping busy with commissions and travel, including visiting museums. A museum visit gives me an excuse to write about paintings that I love and seeing masterworks in person often jolts me into insights about painting that I'm not sure I would experience by seeing them online or in my art books. Also, I always discover artists that I haven't heard of before my visit. It's exciting to learn about new artists who deserve more attention. I'll write about some of them in upcoming posts.


Paul Foxton said...

I love the quince study! Have you been looking at Arthur Wesley Dow by any chance? :)

Linda Tracey Brandon said...

Not yet, but I'm going to pull the book off my shelf right now... ! I know he must paint tightly cropped fruit and floral studies because I've seen your wonderful work based on his design concepts.

I have some nice fruit trees in my garden - grapefruit, pomegranate, oranges, kumquats (but no quince :( ) so I'm always trying to figure out ways to arrange sticks, leaves and roundish masses.

Deborah Chapin said...

Very nice thoughts on visiting museums. I find that to be true as well. I've put you on my RSS reader. With all the cacophony on Facebook my brain gets fried. I'm making my selections for reading and you're in my list. Thanks for the thoughts.

Linda Tracey Brandon said...

Deborah, you're so kind to say that I'm on your reading list! I'm so flattered!

I was lucky enough to go to the Prado and the Sorolla Museum in Madrid recently, I want to write about both of them soon.