Monday, July 28, 2014

First Place Award, 2014 Butler Institute of American Art's 78th Midyear Exhibition - "Maddie in the Act of Painting"

I'm very proud to post that yesterday my painting "Maddie in the Act of Painting" was awarded First Place at the 2014 Butler Institute of American Art's 78th Midyear Exhibition in Youngstown, Ohio. I really regret not being able to make it there for the awards ceremony on July 27th. The wonderful Leslie Adams, who also won an award at the Midyear this year, took six of the photos included below and generously called my studio phone in Arizona on Sunday afternoon to tell me the good news. Thank you again, Leslie!

"Maddie" is 12" x 12", oil on linen mounted to panel.

My painting on the right side of the doorway.

Shot of the hallway showing the light that comes from above.

Leslie's fantastic drawing that won the Honorable Mention.

My friend Alex Tyng had this wonderful painting, "The Unseen Aspect", in the show.

This is a beautiful museum! So many beautiful paintings in this show! So many artists creating such remarkable work, I'm proud to be included in this show.

And this is what the Butler Institute of Fine Arts looks like from the outside (I found this photo online). Lucky Ohioans!


Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

FANTASTIC Linda. So many congrats my friend and well deserved.

Linda Tracey Brandon said...

Thanks so much, Johanna!