Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Gardenia Quadrille"

Oil, 20" x 16". It's at Principle Gallery.

 I paint a lot of gardenias, you'd think it would get easier, but they are still pretty maddening. I love the wavy starburst pale green shapes of the calyx formed by the sepals. (Yes, I did just go and Google those terms, it's not as if they were in the front part of my brain.) I might do a painting of just a bundle of calyxes next time.

Now go and Wiki "Quadrille", it's interesting, actually.

You will also of course remember Lewis Carroll's "The Lobster Quadrille" . I used to memorize poetry when I was younger and I remember trying to decide between this poem or Jaberwocky . I picked Jaberwocky, but mostly because of the illustration, I think.

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