Friday, January 4, 2013

New website design!

Be sure to take a look at my newly designed website at  - I'll keep it updated with  images of my new work. This blog is linked to the website and it will continue to include my teaching schedule and other news.

At the moment, I'm using the photo above as the website's home page. This was taken while I was working on the cartoon for a large diptych I was painting for a wonderful family. A "cartoon" in the traditional sense means the drawing that is used as the basis for a painting. I often create a life-size drawing of a painting and tape it to the wall - what looks good on a small scale sometimes needs a different approach when it's scaled up. Then I walk around and brood about the design - including the shape of the canvas - for a couple of days. This diptych was a little tricky in terms of composition (two squares combined to make a single rectangle) but it was great fun and I can't wait to do another one.

The problem with this photo is that it looks like the fingers of my left hand are cut off at the knuckles, but rest assured, I'm fine.


Sage said...

A website's design shouldn't overpower the contents it has. That being said, the website should highlight your brand and your works. You did very well in accomplishing those criteria. I enjoyed browsing, by the way!
Sage Aumick

Cambria Ludwig said...

I like the new photo better than the one in this post. The image tells me more about what you do before I even took a look around. That aside, you did a great job on the website design. The pages look clean with one artwork per page, and I think it's great that you've posted info on where interested parties can check them out and buy them. Great idea to link the blog to the site too!

Humberto Decius said...

Easy navigation, wonderful artworks, efficient web design and proper hierarchy of elements are the factors that make up a good website. Your website has all of these elements, and I as far as I can see, it is perfect. Your photos seem to have captured the essence and life of the subjects, which in turns make them very effective.

Richard Redmond said...

Clean and simple! That's what makes a web design so professional. I don't really fancy websites with attractive design or alluring colors. For me, having it plain and simple is the ideal. However, the content must be strong and captivating.