Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Rachel in my Studio"

30" x 24", oil. Available for purchase at Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA.

This antique low-backed portrait chair shows up in a lot of my paintings, only this time I've covered it up with a draped cloth. I'm happy that I finally figured out how to adjust my skylights so that I get nice dramatic light that is a little diffused and not blasting like a laser beam (I live in Arizona! hey, we have sunlight here). When I do this again I'm going to push the podium back a few more inches. The trick is to set the easel up so that I can see the subject and what's on my easel at the same time while being able to back up several feet, not always easy to do, depending on the room. My subject is a wonderfully talented young woman, so beautiful and great fun to paint.

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