Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paintings of Monhegan Island, Maine

I recently had the chance to paint with a group of artist friends on historic Monhegan Island, Maine. Artists have been travelling to the island for decades to paint the rocks, coast, forests and maritime scenery. This was a wonderful opportunity to experience a landscape so unlike where I live now, and of course to share ideas and learn from other plein air painters.  Here are two paintings of mine:

"Morning at Gull Cove", Oil, 12" x 16"

"Surf at Lobster Cove", Oil, 12" x 16"

And here's a photo of me with some wonderful artist friends...

L to R: Judy Carducci, Sue Braswell, Me, Greer Jennison, Alex Tyng, Carolyn Lewis, Diana Ansley


Graham Matthews Art said...

Nice paintings! I love paintings of coastal scenes, shorelines, and waves!

Linda Tracey Brandon said...

Thank you, Graham! I really enjoyed painting these, and it's so nice of you to comment.