Monday, September 17, 2007

A Photo From My Summer Workshop at SAS

I finally found the photos I took from my August 2007 workshop at . It was a three-day workshop with the title "Painting the Three Quarter Portrait Pose with Hands". I taught a version of this workshop last year at the school as well; I like teaching this class because I like the challenges of composing a painting in which you can use body language and clothing to indicate a sitter's character. But it's difficult in that each time the model gets up for a break the clothing changes slightly and so do the hands and fingers. It is compositionally difficult also because you have to decide how to crop your figure in your painting area without running out of room on your canvas. All this in three days. It's a good thing that my students were terrific and were up to the challenge.

By the way we had a terrific model as well - he played on the guitar for us during the breaks as a bonus. Here is his website:

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